Large and Heavy Item Moving

Moving a heavy and/or large item(s)?

You may have a big and bulky item that has been a nightmare to move in the past. Here at Tote Moving we take the stress and strain out of moving them. We simply charge a small fee, per time we have to move each item. That fee is:

$75 per item, per move

To make it clear, if you own a piano, and you need us to move said piano from your house to your moving truck, we would require that we send a minimum of three moves, and we will charge an additional $75 on your bill for moving the piano one time.

Another example is if you own a safe and a treadmill, both over 400 lbs, and you need us to move both items from your current home, into the moving truck, and then into the new place, we would require a minimum of 3 movers to be on the job, and you would be charged $75 time 4 as there were 2 items moved 2 times.
In addition to moving large items around, if there are stairs involved we would ask that there be an additional mover in the job site. If there are no steps, and equipment can be used we would only require that 3 movers be on the job site, but as soon as the item(s) need to go up or down stairs we require there be at least 4 movers on the job site.

When booking your move, there will be a question, asking about large items. Simply mark it as yes, and we will contact you for more information about the large/heavy items you need moved.